gazebo view

I lose interest in the garden about mid-August every year, which coincides  with its  own midsummer down-time. But one day I look up and things are blooming again, looking full, blowsy and ripe. It’s time to take up the trowel again.

Plant volunteers: what’s not to love? (Hint: it’s blue)

rufus + daisies

Volunteer plants that seed themselves in your garden are often considered a nuisance, but they offer a lot to love–such as bloom where you never expected it and a welcome cover for bare spots. Continue reading

My ‘Graham Thomas’ rose lives–and blooms! Is this a miracle, or what?

roses in vase

My ‘Graham Thomas’ rose isn’t dead after all. Not only did it finally sprout some new branches and a few leaves, now it’s blooming. The flowers aren’t as big as last year’s, but they look like Mr. Thomas, with cupped flowers in a warm, golden hue. Continue reading

Beauty bush: My favourite shrub–this month, anyway

beauty bush featured

The amabilis in Kolkwitzia amabilis–beauty bush’s botanical name, after Richard Kolkwitz, a German botanist from the 20th century–means lovely, and that’s an apt if understated description of this old-fashioned, dependable and flower-laden shrub. Add “fragrant” to its list of attributes. … Continue reading