Merida nursery bougainvillea

When I visited a couple of Merida nurseries the bougainvillaea was in full, glorious, knock-your-socks-off bloom. I wanted to move to Mexico immediately so I could have half-a-dozen in my garden. Alas, my garden is in Canada–I was just visiting.

Plant shopping in Merida, Mexico

wheelbarrow in Mexico

While on vacation in Yucatan, Mexico, I had a yen to visit a nursery. So one morning I took in two of them on the outskirts of Merida, and found they weren’t that much different to the nurseries I visit in Canada. Of course many plants were different, and most prices were lower, but the plants were displayed similarly–and botanical names were missing. Continue reading

Will your spring-flowering shrubs survive the frigid winter?

ice on branches

Everyone worries about damage to tree limbs from this winter’s storms, but what about the effect of frigid temperatures on spring-fllowering shrubs? Will they bloom, or have the buds–which were set last fall– succumbed to the cold? Continue reading