April 15–enough already


witch hazel & snow

Finally, several weeks late, the witch hazel at the side of the house bloomed. Then the crocuses and the species iris opened their yellow and purple faces…was spring finally here? I started tidying the garden, composting the half-decayed leaves and pruning the roses. My sprits rose. But we woke one morning to snow and freezing temperatures. The witch hazel’s pretty red blooms were all wearing white hats.


Plant shopping in Merida, Mexico

wheelbarrow in Mexico

While on vacation in Yucatan, Mexico, I had a yen to visit a nursery. So one morning I took in two of them on the outskirts of Merida, and found they weren’t that much different to the nurseries I visit in Canada. Of course many plants were different, and most prices were lower, but the plants were displayed similarly–and botanical names were missing. Continue reading